The Beach Boys Endless Summer Gold Tour at Texas Trust CU Theatre

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas



The Beach Boys Endless Summer Gold Tour at



The Beach Boys Endless Summer Gold Tour

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

Texas, it’s time to catch a wave down to the Grand Prairie – the surf rock icons, The Beach Boys, are bringing their Endless Summer Gold Tour to the Texas Trust CU Theatre on 21 July 2024!

"Wouldn't it be nice" to treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, witnessing some of the most fantastic tunes of the planet being brought to life by the very people who created them?

The Beach Boys will be bringing their extensive and pleasant reservoir of bangers, which earned a place in the hearts of boomers, radio-raised on their exquisite harmonies and superb musicianship, to the stage in a concert that promises to have the crowd on their feet, dancing in the aisles—a night chock full of nothing but "good vibrations"!

Tickets are priced from only $68, so don’t wait – hit that button to get your tickets and gather your friends and family for a night of “fun, fun, fun”!

The Beach Boys Endless Summer Gold Tour Tickets from $68

It's all pleasant energy, joy, and good times when “surf’s up”!

The Beach Boys is a concert experience unlike any other: nobody can whip a crowd into a frenzy with great guitar solos, suntanned musicianship, groove, and lush harmonies like the surfer boys that first hit the airwaves in 1963 like a rogue wave crashing down on the beaches of California. "Surfin' U.S.A." was the start of a string of top 10 singles that would turn the world of rock and roll upside down. The Beach Boys rode every wave like the true surf rock innovators they are – from “California Girls” to “Help Me Rhonda”; from “I Get Around” to “Barbara Ann”; from “Good Vibrations” to “Sloop John B”. Their amazing energy, soaring falsettos, incredible blend of voices, complex harmonies, adolescent-orientated lyrics, and musical ingenuity instantly cemented them as one of the most influential rock and roll groups in history.

The Beach Boys are one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands of all time. They are the American band with the most songs reaching the U.S. Top 40, ranked on Rolling Stone's list of the greatest artists of all time, are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Vocal Group Hall of Fame inductees, and also had three singles and an entire album inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Everybody knows every single song. In the words of Jim Miller: “They have the instrumental sleekness of The Ventures, the lyric sophistication of Chuck Berry, and the vocal expertise of some weird cross between The Lettermen and Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers. Comparison to other vocally oriented rock groups shows the Beach Boys' technique to be far superior, almost embarrassingly so."

The Beach Boys’ touring group for the Endless Summer Gold Tour is led by founding member Mike Love, together with long-time member Bruce Johnston, Brian Eichenberger, Christian Love, Tim Bonhomme, Jon Bolton, Keith Hubacher, Randy Leago, and John Wedemeyer.

The hottest spot for live entertainment in Texas, the 6,350-seat Texas Trust CU Theatre, is about to become a paradise of sun, sea, and surf! With its fantastic sound, lighting, and advanced technology, every seat is a good seat for an evening with nothing but “good vibrations”!

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texas trust cu theatre at grand prairie

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas, 75050, US