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Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie | Grand Prairie, Texas


Glory to Mankind! The live music tradition of this action game carries forward as AWR Music Production presents NieR: Orchestra Concert at the Texas Trust CU Theatre on 31st January next year! Square Enix’s multilayered video game has always been great at depicting innovative and thought-provoking themes, and what’s better is that this show entitled “1 2 0 2 4 [the end of data]” is no exception! Under the direction of the legendary conductor Eric Roth, the exclusive performance showcases the vocals of original NieR series singers J’nique Nicole and Emi Evans, partnered with a special HD video projection from the series director Yoko Taro and composer Keiichi Okabe. We promise you that it’s best to see the event at the Texas Trust CU Theatre, one of the most in-demand and top-performing theatres in Dallas. The NieR Orchestra Concert is waiting - will you be one of the few to answer the call? Go ahead and treat yourself to these tickets today!

Catch the NieR: Orchestra Concert as it lands at the Texas Trust CU Theatre next year on January 31st! The string of performances is scheduled to start in January in Los Angeles, with Chicago making up the second date of the initial U.S. series before moving on to the international leg of the tour that kicks off in Berlin.

For those who are not aware, the NieR concert series was previously halted three years ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, Blu-ray recordings of the event were still released and sold by Square Enix for people to view at home. Other popular performances of this franchise include the “1 2 0 1 8” show that appeared two years before the concert was canceled.

Like the previous theatrical performance, the show will feature a fresh, original story from Yoko Taro starring the videogame characters 2B and 9S, with Kyle McCarley and Kira Buckland reprising their roles for it. According to the official website, these parts of the performance will be pre-recorded.

“Along with the gameplay clips, various monologues from different characters linked the arrangements together throughout the show,” the Asia Pacific Arts Org shares in a review. The article continues to praise each character oration's ability to reveal emotional conditions as the concert moves through the first NieR game and into Automata.

The list of notable performers to be featured in the orchestra concert can be seen here:
Director - Yoko Taro
Composer - Keiichi Okabe
Producer - Yosuke Saito
Conductor - Arnie Roth
Conductor - Eric Roth
Lead Vocalist - Emi Evans
Lead Vocalist - J’nique Nicole

In addition, the organization behind this event, AWR Music, is widely known as a multi-dimensional musical production company that provides services related to recorded media, content development, and live performances. The company has produced successful concerts internationally, mostly integrating orchestras, choirs, and multimedia elements into their trademark productions.

The Texas Trust CU Theater is no stranger to beautiful productions like this upcoming orchestra concert! With amazing acoustics, this is simply the place to be if you are looking for the best viewing experience of the symphonic concert.

See the video game come to life like never before! Purchase your tickets now!

NieR at Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

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