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Let Mitski and her Libera Award-winning symphonies rend your soul this Saturday, September 14, in the singer’s second and final concert at the Texas Trust CU Theatre, with a special opening act from Arlo Parks! In support of her new music, our headlining artist adds 50 new dates to her North American tour, now spanning up to the fall season. After clinching the #2 spots in the US Rock, Alternative, and Independent charts, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We album comes bearing eleven exquisitely evocative tracks that will sweep you off your feet in this upcoming live performance. The set will showcase the critically acclaimed album’s smash hits, such as “Bug Like an Angel” and Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper “My Love Mine All Mine,” not to mention fan-favorite songs from Mitski’s earlier discography, which include “The Only Heartbreaker” and “Nobody.” Book your tickets now and sing your heart out in our venue’s pitch-perfect acoustic ambiance!

Embrace the melodrama and let your soul speak as you sing along with Mitski in her forthcoming show in the Lone Star State. Due to popular demand, the singer-songwriter has confirmed fall dates for her trip across the United States and Canada, summing up to more than 50 shows scheduled so far. Catch her and guest act Arlo Parks LIVE this September 14th at the Texas Trust CU Theatre for a songful night of emotional release!

Mitski’s 2024 tour will promote her latest album, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, which dropped September last year to a Top 12 spot in the weekly Billboard 200. A highly acclaimed success, the record broke into the Top 2 of the US Top Independent, Rock, and Alternative charts, lauded by critics as “a sweeping musical epic spanning essential facets of human experience.” This event will feature the album’s eleven tracks, including the artist’s first-ever Hot 100 number-one hit, “My Love Mine All Mine,” in a cathartic concert brimming with emotionally candid and hard-hitting lyricism.

Bug Like an Angel
Buffalo Replaced
I Don’t Like My Mind
The Deal
When Memories Snow
My Love Mine All Mine
The Frost
I’m Your Man
I Love Me After You

“Mitski's beautiful vocals are paired with innovative production, creating a soundscape that is both intense and ethereal. Each track feels like a deeply personal diary entry, inviting listeners to explore their own emotions and connect with the artist on a profound level.”

Apart from her newest record, fans can also anticipate select performances of Mitski’s classic songs, such as the Billboard AAA number-one single “The Only Heartbreaker” and the Libera Award-winning classic “Nobody.” Crowd-pleasers like “Working for the Knife” and “First Love / Late Spring” are also on the table, so brace yourselves for a truly transcendental evening where you can sing your sorrows away to your heart’s content.

As for our special guest, the show presents GRAMMY Award nominee Arlo Parks, famously known for her Mercury Prize-winning debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams. She has recently issued a new full-length LP of her signature bedroom pop, soul, and R&B fusions titled My Soft Machine, so keep your ears sharp for her latest hits!

Become one of the lucky fans to hear Mitski’s haunting mezzo-soprano in its full resounding glory at the Texas Trust CU Theatre! On Saturday, September 14th, our hosting venue will offer the perfect backdrop, equipped with a stylish stage and cutting-edge acoustic systems designed to immerse you in the visiting singer’s LIVE musical experience. Tickets are selling fast - get yours now before we run out!

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texas trust cu theatre at grand prairie

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