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Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie | Grand Prairie, Texas

La India Yuridia

Are you a fan of Spanish stand-up comedy? If you are, then you have the opportunity to partake in the season’s most thrilling laugh riot! La India Yuridia’s Porque Asi Soy Tour is coming to America, and it’s set to cover select cities! The question is, are you ready to laugh like there’s no tomorrow?! Well, you’ll surely chuckle and laugh out loud at this highly-awaited comedy spectacle! La India Yuridia is a sensational comic whose character is based on the famous telenovela character! This summer, she’s set to 17 major cities, including a much-anticipated stop in Grand Prairie, Texas! Yes, Latin comedy fans are in for a treat as the illustrious funny woman delivers her brand new stand-up set at the Texas Trust CU Theatre! On Sunday, 14th July 2024, fans can totally look forward to her relentless jokes and jaw-dropping punchlines! She makes jokes about anything and everything under the sun and will you laughing until your stomach hurts! So hurry and join this exciting comedy spectacle by scoring your tickets now!

Spanish comedy takes precedence this summer as La India Yuridia travels to North America for the Porque Asi Soy (Because That’s How I Am) tour! Prepare to experience intense laughter as the sensational stand-up comedy icon delivers her brand-new set. The show is bound to have some compelling but ultra-funny discussions about Mexico’s culture, toxic masculinity, classism, racism, and more. Being a prolific feminist, La Indi Yuridia will also be talking about some women's empowerment. But all is good fun as she brilliantly finds hilarious angles on this important topic. La India Yuridia is a highly comical rendition of the popular TV series character La India Maria. Like the character, she’s a strong woman who makes no apologies. That’s why this 2024, the outstanding funny woman proudly showcases her persona, her beliefs, and her brand of comedy.

This is the very reason that she has amassed countless fans across the world. Her YouTube channel has over 650 million views. Resonating with her millions of followers, La India Yuridias has become a sensational hit among the Latin community in the U.S. That’s why this summer, her shows are expected to be fully packed! In Grand Prairie alone, La India Yuridia made waves a few years ago. This 2024, she finally makes her phenomenal return to Texas Trust CU Theatre! Fans can absolutely expect an incredibly entertaining show as La India Yuridia demonstrates her incredible knack for humor. Her various comedy techniques will be a surefire hit.

Yuridia Ruiz Castro is a talented comedian from Monterrey, Mexico. After watching the iconic character of La India Maria on TV, she adapted the moniker La India Yuridia. Her love for comedy has made her one of the most successful female stand-up comedians in Mexico. She recently successfully completed numerous tours, including the Haga Lo que quieran (Do What You Want) and Esto es lo que Hay (This is What It Is).

You have the opportunity to witness La India Yuridia as she performs her new set at the Texas Trust CU Theatre. Tickets to her show on Sunday, 14th July 2024, are now up for grabs through the Get Tickets link!

La India Yuridia at Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

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