Katt Williams at Texas Trust CU Theatre

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas



Katt Williams at Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie



Katt Williams

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

Katt Williams tickets

Get ready to be laughing your ass off with Katt Williams at the Texas Trust CU Theatre. He will be bringing all the raw punchlines and honest truths and a hilarious twist of events. It will change yo life! As he storms the stage on the 31st of January with a frantic energy, you will be caught up in all the infectious laughter.

His performances are always rapid fire jokes and fearless social commentary which is always delivered with an unmatched charisma that leaves the crowd roaring with laughter.

Your sides will be aching from the hysterics of his show. The impact of his comedy shows go beyond ordinary amusement, making him a cultural icon whose influence goes beyond the stage.

Katt Williams takes his audiences on an exhilarating journey, never shying away from topics such as race, politics and human nature. You’ll want to be a part of his audience this time around. Go get your tickets now and get ready to "STAND THE F*CK UP FOR KATT WILLIAMS!!!

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Katt Williams is an Emmy Award winning, people's choice, world renowned comedian, actor, writer and producer who has created a career that encompasses thousands of stage performances with millions of fans, film/TV roles, and multiple sold out tours. Since his first stand-up comedy show as a Teen, he has taken the comedy world by storm!

In his Career of over 20 years, Katt Williams has always done everything his way and on his own terms and has always succeeded at it and he always tries to create a bond with each of his audiences. By doing this it has made him one of today’s top comedians, the audiences can relate to his sharp and intelligent take on everything from politics to current events. From his first stand-up comedy show where he “Thrilled the Crowd with a five minute improve routine” as he says, he quickly gained a fan base and by 1999 had had already performed on some of the most notable comedic platforms and stages.

This was also the reason he made a smooth transition to shows and movies of which he is in a long list of rolls in major box office hits. His debut in the movie industry was as “Money Mike” in ‘Friday after Next’ which is he most famous roll to date. He also starred in shows and movies such as “Norbit”, “Scary Movie V” and also had a guest roll in “Atlanta” which he received a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Guest Actor on a comedy series.

Katt Williams has developed a unique style of standup that shows his quick wit, manic energy, flamboyant outfits, and unapologetic insights on urban culture. This is also why he is often compared to top comedians like Eddie Murphy and Dave Chapelle. Katt is also commemorated for his critically claimed stand up specials such as “The Pimp Chronicals”, “Its Pimpin’ Pimpin’” and “Katt Williams: Pimpadelic” If you would like to see some of his best work have a look at the link below!

Still to this day Katt Williams is known as one of the top touring comedians in the country. Don’t Miss out on the brilliance of this show, get your tickets now and join him in fits of laughter.

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texas trust cu theatre at grand prairie

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

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