Joey Fatone & AJ Mclean at Texas Trust CU Theatre

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas



Joey Fatone & AJ Mclean at



Joey Fatone & AJ Mclean

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

Everybody, it's gonna be Joey Fatone and AJ McLean back-to-back onstage at the Texas Trust CU Theatre on Thursday 6th June 2024. This is not just going to be larger than life. It is “A Legendary Night Tour”! NSYNC‘s Joey Fatone and Backstreet Boys‘ AJ Mclean have joined forces to whip up an evening brimming with nineties nostalgia. Joey will pump up the jam with spectacular renditions of NSYNC‘s colossal gems like "Tearin' Up My Heart", "Bye, Bye, Bye"... while AJ will slay his performance of Backstreet Boys' monster hits like "I Want It That Way", "Quit Playing Games With My Heart", and a whole lot more. Fan anticipation and expectations are running high as Fatone has teased that “What they can expect is a lot of fun", revealing that the show is a mixture of “old-school stuff” and “new-school stuff.” For as long as you and legions of their fans love 'em, demand tickets will definitely be on a high. This is the kind of stuff you don't ever want to miss. Book your tickets now!

The nineties were all about BSB vs NSYNC. There was a constant head-to-head battle in the charts, in concert tours, and fan popularity polls. Now witness this larger-than-life team up -- BSB's AJ McLean and NSYNC's Joey Fatone in an epic tour aptly called “A Legendary Night Tour”. Fans are thrilled to the bone, looking forward to hear each others' hits performed back-to-back with matching iconic choreographies and performed with a seven-piece band.

In press interviews, Fatone has said, "I’ve known AJ as long as I’ve known my own band members. We’ve worked together in the past on one-off projects here and there but never had the opportunity to create something together. This tour gives us the chance to combine the best of both musical worlds.”

The duo has teased that this show is a box of surprises. Who knows, they may possibly pull out 90s out-of-the-box covers of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Green Day’s “Basketcase” ?! In press interviews, they also disclosed that “intimate conversations of never before-told stories from their time on the road,” are some of the juicy parts of the show. So fans are looking forward to the tea.

Fatone further adds, “I hope our fans are ready for a show that'll take them on a journey through the magic of *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and everything-in-between. This show is all about fun and reminiscing and we can't wait to share this moment with audiences across the country.”

AJ McLean officially became the first member to join the newly formed Backstreet Boys who sold millions of records earning multiple platinum awards worldwide. Its closest boyband rival, NSYNC had Joey Fatone as the member who sings baritone, and is hailed as one of the best-selling boy bands of all time.

"I'm so excited to head out for this round of dates with my friend Joey," says AJ. "The perfect chance to listen to old favorites and share some special new songs that our loyal fans will be the first to hear!”

Don't say bye, bye, bye to an opportunity such as this. Save the, secure your spot at Joey Fatone & AJ Mclean gig at theTexas Trust CU Theatre on Thursday 6th June 2024. Tickets are on sale now.

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