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Grand Prarie Texas, are you ready for what’s coming? The kings of Colombian salsa music, Grupo Niche, are making their way to the Texas Trust CU Theatre on Sunday, the 15th of September, 2024. This promises to be one of the most upbeat nights of the season at the Texas Trust CU Theater, hands down. From the moment the band starts playing, there are going to be people dancing all over the place. If you and your partner love to bust out those salsa moves, this is the perfect night for you.

The best experience on this night is going to be in the front rows. If you want to dance you’ll need room to do so, and right next to the stage is where there is more space available. Even if you’re a bit further back, it’s going to be really hard to stay seated at any point during this performance. Make sure to click the get tickets button so you can enjoy this salsa night!

Grupo Niche Tickets from $90

Grupo Niche is an old-school salsa band formed in 1979 by the legend himself, Jairo Varela. Varela was the voice and leader of the group for many years. He became one of the most recognizable faces in salsa music, particularly in Colombia, through the 1980s and 90s. As is often the case with these groups, the members have changed drastically over the years. Varela is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on through the group.

The current cast has been able to carry the torch quite well! That’s going to be on full display at the Texas Trust CU Theater on September 15th. They released an acoustic album with some of their greatest hits last year. If they include those songs in the setlist, it could be a very interesting change of pace in the whole event. It could allow you to sit back and relax from all of the dancing that you’re going to be doing when they play these songs without the typical salsa beats.

One of the cool things about Grupo Niche is that they have something for everyone on the night. You’ll be able to get up and dance to the tunes of “Una Aventura.” If you’re with the forbidden love on that night it’s going to hit differently, and no one is going to judge. There are also songs like “Sin Sentimientos.” When you’re hurting inside, and they hit you with these upbeat songs with heartbroken lyrics, it's like they’re refreshing your soul! If you need to cure heartbreak, it’s always better with some upbeat salsa. Grupo Niche has the antidote that you’ve been searching for all this time.

The Texas Trust CU Theatre is a great venue for salsa night. You do want to make sure, though, that you have enough room to get up and dance. There is, of course, the area right next to the stage. This part of the concert is probably going to be where things heat up the most. If not, then maybe find a spot on the first rows of the different levels or the edge near the stairs. Whatever you want to do, don’t forget to click the get tickets button soon!

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