Gerardo Ortiz & Luis Alfonso Partida at Texas Trust CU Theatre

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Gerardo Ortiz & Luis Alfonso Partida at



Gerardo Ortiz & Luis Alfonso Partida

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

If you’re a fan of regional Mexican music, you better hurry and secure tickets to see one of the most sensational corrido masters in North America! Gerardo Ortiz has been belting out captivating corridos since emerging in 2009. The singer-songwriter has been specializing in blending various regional music genres, such as corridos, norteño, mariachi, and sinaloense, at a young age. Now that he has surpassed his tenth year in the music business, Ortiz has established himself as one of the most influential and revered solo Latin artists around. On Saturday 30th, September 2023, Ortiz is set to deliver a groundbreaking concert in Grand Prairie, Texas. The show, part of his Dijimos Tranquilito Tour, will take over the Texas Trust CU Theatre with his biggest hits! The celebrated performer has been known to perform sensational staples, such as “Mañana Voy A Conquistarla,” “Fuiste Mia,” “Pasado Pisado,” and his latest hit, “Tranuilito.” Besides Ortiz, this highly-anticipated show will also feature a compelling performance from special guest Luis Alfonso Partida! If you’re keen on attending this once-in-a-lifetime show featuring two of Mexico’s most incredible performers, you better hurry and buy your tickets now by clicking the Get Tickets link!

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Gerardo Ortiz is more than just a genre-defying regional Mexican music artist. As Mexico’s ballad king, he has delved into various forms of corridos - including progressive corridos and narcorridos. He has also made a name for belting out emotional ranchera ballads with bachata and urbano influences. His music has been banned in some parts of Mexico, but Ortiz continues to pursue his passion by his own terms. In 2021, the critically-acclaimed young singer celebrated his tenth year in music. In a span of a decade, the 33-year-old balladeer has released six number-1 Billboard Top Latin albums. Meanwhile, he also has eight number-1 albums under the regional Mexican album category. Moreover, Ortiz has earned two Grammy nominations, ten Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, and two Latin American Music Award nominations. By 2010, Ortiz has grown into one of Mexico’s top-selling artists and his music has clocked in over two billion streams.

In the past years, Ortiz has had his fair share of controversies, most of which made him go viral, from his “Fuiste Mia” music video to his infamous run-in with the federali at the Guadalajara Airport. Ortiz has come out victorious but scathed. During an interview, he mentioned, “I’ve learned that I’m not perfect and that actions have consequences, but I’ve been able to navigate those obstacles professionally and by continuing to deliver hits.” No matter what challenges come to the singer, he has always delivered nothing but hits, which is why he has maintained his massive fanbase over the years.

Ortiz’s verified Spotify account clocks in five million listeners monthly, while his Youtube account has amassed over three billion views. On Twitter, Ortiz can be seen regularly replying to fans, whether in DMs or tweets. In his interview with Billboard, he expressed how important his fans are. “They are the ones that give life and credibility to my music. That’s all that really matters to me as a songwriter. They’re No. 1, always.”

This 2023, Ortiz looks forward to a brand new year and a brand new outing. The release of his latest single, “Tranquilito,” was met with high-acclaimed, and the accompanying music video has amassed over 90 million views on Youtube. The 2023 trek brings along Sinoloan-born singer Luis Alfonso Partida who’s currently regarded as one of Mexico’s most promising regional Mexican music artists.

Score your tickets now and see these incredible performers at the Texas Trust CU Theatre on Saturday 30th, September 2023!

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