Dan & Phil at Texas Trust CU Theatre

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas



Dan & Phil at Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie



Dan & Phil

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

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Internet and social media junkies are in for a brilliant fall season! It’s about time you do yourself some good and bring yourself to top caliber entertainment – and by that we mean catching this ridiculous Brits that took the web by storm! Dan and Phil have pretty much entertained the web savvy youth in the last two decades, and they’re here to show us that they have matured! For real, they’re Terrible Influence Tour is guaranteed to serve some laugh worthy bits and it’s making its way to Grand Prairie! Expect roasts at its most savagery, jaw dropping stories, and whatnots as Dan and Phil take over the Texas Trust CU Theatre! This extravaganza on Thursday 24th October 2024 is guaranteed to be unlike you’ve ever seen before! If you’re thinking you get the same act as you do through their hilariously awesome podcast, well, this is ten times better than that! It’s an exclusive banger just for the most dedicated fan base! So hurry and hit that Get Tickets link now!

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When we speak of Internet legends, there is no question that Dan & Phil will always come up in the discussion. Teaming up in 2009, the duo has racked in billions of views with just their ridiculous content and sensational stories. From hilarious mukbangs, to a day in life, to playing games, and recalling traumatic golf incidents, they surefire have mastered the formula in creating the most random but awesomely entertaining Internet content. Now, this duo has taken their online show to the big stage in the past, and boy was that a brilliant decision on both their parts!

Having sold out tours across the world, Dan and Phil have also expanded and mastered the formula to serve fantastic stage content! From games, to stories, audience interactions, and more – fans are sure to eat this up like they’re in a mukbang themselves. This 2024, the duo will be jumping on their biggest, most extensive outing yet. The Terrible Influence Tour is their third major trek – with over 70 gigs across the globe. Fans over in Grand Prairie are looking at a guaranteed mind blowing rager that will have them laughing like there’s no tomorrow. For starters, their gist has always been a surefire hit just from the duo being themselves. But since this is their first outing since emerging from their hiatus, expect a fully pumped Dan & Phil as they belt out their truest selves – these supposed introverts had the longest breaks of their career so they’re now ready to mingle with their hundreds of thousands of fans through this riveting outing!

Clearly, when hosting a live showdown featuring personalities that broke the Internet, it’s only most logical to bring this terrific spectacle to a top-tier venue. Luckily, fans in Grand Prairie will be witnessing this extravaganza over at the Texas Trust CU Theatre. Equipped with state-of-the-art sound and light, comfortable seating, and awesome ambience, fans are sure to be stunned and be totally exhilarated!

So hurry and don’t miss out on the most phenomenal comeback of all comebacks! Let these two wacky dudes from England bring some screamingly monumental entertainment! Secure your access now by hitting that Get Tickets link now!

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texas trust cu theatre at grand prairie

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas, 75050, US