Air1 Worship Now: Crowder, Cain, Passion, Jon Reddick & Louie Giglio at Texas Trust CU Theatre

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Texas



Air1 Worship Now at Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie



Air1 Worship Now: Crowder, Cain, Passion, Jon Reddick & Louie Giglio

Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie

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Get ready to experience a wonderful night of worship as Air1 Worship Now brings a star-studded lineup of artists in the contemporary Christian music scene. These big names include Crowder, Cain, Passion, Jon Reddick, and Passion. Sharing the stage for a powerful night of laying it all down in the name of Jesus, the Air1 Worship Night Tour is set to bless your hearts and souls dedicated to living in faith, hope, and love. Moreover, you'll get to hear inspiring food for thought from the night's special guest speaker Louie Giglio. It's all taking place at Texas Trust CU Theatre on Saturday, November 23. An encounter of His grace like never before, get ready to join believers in singing and raising your praises high. Get ready to shed a tear, lift those hands, and jump for joy as the night of worship magnifies His power over your life. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

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It's a night of worship like no other. Air1 Worship Now Tour is bringing some of the biggest names in the Christian music scene - Crowder, CAIN, Jon Reddick and Passion. Plus, believers are in for an inspiring talk from special guest Louie Giglio. A life changing experience of God's power in each and every soul, the night is set to uplift hearts as every attendee lays it all down.

Boasting larger-than-life performances of your favorite worship acts, the Air1 Worship Now Tour is destined to change lives. Igniting hearts for Christ, it's a celebration of a life dedicated to faith in His name. Bringing the special night to Grand Prairie in Texas, attendees are surely blessed to experience gather with thousands of fellow believers in the iconic venue.

One of the tour's headlining acts is CROWDER - known for his contemporary Christian music hits since 1996. His first solo album "Neon Steeple" won the hearts of believers and churches around the globe, all singing together in unison to "I Am". For over twenty years now, his influence and work in the industry has touched the lives of people around the world, bringing them closer to God. He definitely continues to bring people in the flock, changing lives through the power of song.

Crowder recently released his new album "The Exile", assuring believers that one can rest in God's promises despite dark days in life. Hailed by 365 Days of Inspiring Media as "one of the most progressive, experimental and encouraging worship artists ever," he always brings something new to the table. Experimenting and introducing unique elements in the genre, his music definitely stands out in the ocean of Christian hymns.

"I am having the BEST time writing, producing and releasing these songs. It is so life-giving to make music so that I, along with our people, can articulate the challenge, beauty and promise associated with these days," Crowder shared.

Another headlining act is CAIN, a contemporary Christian music trio made up of siblings Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain. Since Logan was four, they've been pretty much active in music... he wrote a Christmas song for the siblings to sing in harmony. Releasing their first EP in early 2020, the trio quickly found their music making great impact in people's lives. Its single "Rise Up (Lazarus)" peaked at #1 on Billboard's Airplay Chart.

PASSION is another headlining act at this year's Air1 Worship Now Tour. Known for live albums recorded from conferences and tours, they've been making an impact through hard-hitting praise anthems since 1997.

Jon Reddick is also hitting the stage. Based in Nashville, the singer, songwriter, and pastor seeks to build a bridge among people, all leading to faith. With a heart for the church, his worship anthems deeply connect with the human soul. Known for his debut single "You Keep Hope Alive", his set is definitely gonna get you shedding a tear.

Now, don't miss out on this special moment to join believers in declaring faith in a night of worship. Heavens are bound to rejoice as everyone celebrates God's love and power in each and every soul. Book your tickets now!

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