La India Yuridia Lamb Of God & Mastodon Fan Love Tour: That Girl Lay Lay, Young Dylan, WanMor, Papa Jay & Breez Kennedy Mitski Mitski

Formerly known as Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie

Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie is a state-of-the-art, 6,350 capacity concert and theatrical venue that has made a name for itself as one of the hottest spots for entertainment in the area!

The first venue of its kind, this flexible and advanced indoor performance space is equipped for a broad variety of stage productions, from pop, rock and country music, to comedy, magic and Broadway and family shows! With the very highest standard of amenities, and the very best in sound and lighting technology, it's no wonder Verizon Theatre is the premier choice for touring artists!

In the years since its opened, the venue has seen such amazing acts as the Eagles, Michael Buble, George Lopez, Robin Williams, Alicia Keys, Sesame Street Live!, Justin Bieber and Gladys Knight on its stage! No wonder, when its renowned throughout all of Texas for its quality productions and exciting, varied shows that cater for everyone's tastes!

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